Get to know LOGS

Ahead of their Harley show as part of Outlines, we catch up with Sheffield trio LOGS. Just don't call them a super-group...

Interview: Jordan Foster

For anyone unfamiliar with LOGS, what sort of music do you make?

What’s the word for when you listen to two people completely mishear and misunderstand each other during a conversation and you start to find pleasure in knowing that you know what’s occurring but don’t do anything about it? Post-good.

Comprised of members of Drenge, Wet Nuns, Menace Beach & Seize The Chair, you're something of a local supergroup. How have these origins shaped LOGS?

Go on, say supergoup one more time, i dare you… We’re just three idiots making a racket. It's a complete coincidence that we’ve previously made idiot-rackets before. Three bestmates™ who thought it’d be worthwhile to find a semi-legitimate excuse for our usual, childish, depraved activities. And maybe rock-out sometimes too.

I remember your set at last year's Tramlines on that famous Great Gatsby stage. A local cult have clearly tapped into this; the queue snaked out the door. From your perspective, how have fans responded to this project?

Who is this cult you mention? Are they be-robed? Can they be de-robed? Fans have responded mainly by de-robing (metaphorically), they shook their heads and laid down their pencils. Nick just got a 70’s Fender Twin and Rory has a reeeeally deep old snare drum so they’ll probably pick their pencils back up once they hear those things.

You've got a pretty minimal online presence as a 21st Century band - is this an intentional approach?

We’ve got Instagram!? If by ‘intentional’ you mean ‘lazy’ then yes. In all seriousness, we’ve only done a handful of gigs and we’re still writing stuff; we don’t really care about pushing ourselves on people just yet. It's been really interesting to go out and find our feet as a band in a live setting rather than labouring too heavily over things in a practise room. Each show is a progression.

Sheff legends - Pulp or Arctic Monkeys?

Def Leppard

Who would be your dream three festival headliners (dead or alive!)?

1) The Cast of 'The Expendables' live barehand-beheading of Piers Morgan

2)Ted Nugent and Miles Davis collaborative live-score of a 5 minute dance recital by Fred Astaire

3)Rose West and the HMP Low Newton ladies choir

What are your favourite things about the Steel City?

Joseph Armstrong, Dave Kuratsu, Ben Hunter’s throat singing.

What's the plan for LOGS in 2017? Can we expect any official releases?

We’ve already dropped three singles, where have you been?