Meet Azusena

Ahead of her set at Queens Social Club this weekend, we catch up with New York-born, Liverpool-raised singer-songwriter Azusena to learn a little more.


Interview: Jordan Foster

I love how warm and immersive your latest cut, 'Crosby', is. Can you elaborate on the themes behind its lyrics?

It's about finding your way through letting a person go, and feeling a lot of different highs, lows and anxiety during the whole process.

How is the track being received in your live sets?

Generally, there is a sweet energy at the gigs and most of the songs are responded to quite openly and lovingly. It's nice to feel.

I noticed that you painted the cover for this single - how does your passion for visual arts influence your musical creative process?

I had painted a lot less before making this record but, for some reason, the album translated visually for me before writing most of the lyrics. Colours and cinematic scenes came to mind before words a lot of the time and I found myself naturally starting to painting again.

The music industry is changing at an unprecedented pace these days - there seems to be a fleeting and disposable 'next big thing' in the media every other week. how will you look to establish Azusena in the long run?

Just to always keep trying and creating work that feels honest and right to me.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one record with you, what would it be?

'Jai Ambe’