The Wytches 

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Early singles ‘Digsaw’, ‘Beehive Queen’ and ‘Robe For Juda’, and a low-key limited edition cassette ‘Thunder Lizard Revisited’, lead to signing with Heavenly in February 2014.

Debut album Annabel Dream Reader followed just six months later. Keen exponents of the DIY punk ethic, The Wytches also published their photograph book Full Time Meltdown. With their dreams of academic days behind them, Kristian relocated back to his home village of Yaxley in Cambridgeshire. Here he decompressed and began to work on this new set of songs that took shape amongst the familiar surroundings of his childhood. “We’d do these big world tours and then go back to a little village near Peterborough,” says Kristian. “I’d have to deal with coming down off that adrenaline high and worrying about meeting people’s expectations and constantly trying to satisfy everyone. That’s one simple explanation for the bleakness and nihilism on this record, but really it’s always been there within me.”

In 2015 The Wytches went first to Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire and then into Toe Rag in East London to record what their singer describes as much more collaborative group effort. Deep thought went into the arrangements. All bad ideas were discarded. The fat was trimmed from the bone. As ever though, the feel is resolutely live. Preferring not to attempt to polish coal, The Wytches prefer to keep it dark and dirty, wired and untamed. Wanton and wild. Lo-fidelity but high velocity. Plugged in and straight from the source.